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NetLimiter Enterprise Edition + Crack









NetLimiter Enterprise Edition + Crack will put you in full control when it comes to monitoring the traffic of your internet connection. By using NetLimiter 4.0 full download, you will be able to set download and upload speeds for certain programs, such as P2P torrent clients, download managers…etc, and also monitor their traffic.  It also provides statistics that measure real time internet traffic for each application. It is also useful if you are sharing your internet connection with a roommate and you need to limit his downloading/uploading speed rate.

Key Features for NetLimiter 4.0 + Patch:

– Sports a User Interface that is intuitive and can be used by novice and pro users alike.
– Total internet bandwidth control anad management over applications and computers.
– Mighty connection blocker
– Long-term internet traffic statistics for real time measurement.
– Completely customizable behavior using user-defined Rules and Filters
– Additional network information such as: WHOIS, traceroute…etc.

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
– Internet connection.
– Requires .Net Framework


1- Unpack all contents to any folder
2- Copy and replace NetLimiter.Runtime.dll with cracked one
3- Restart NetLimiter 4 Service (nlsvc) service (NLSVC Restart.bat)
4- Done. Have fun with NetLimiter Enterprise Edition full version.


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