Abelssoft GoogleClean v2016 Full Build 129

Abelssoft GoogleClean v2016 Full Build 129









Abelssoft GoogleClean v2016 Full Build 129 + crack is a tool that will grant you the capability to get rid of Google’s many ways to spy on you. This full patched version will prevent Google from spying on you. We all know that Google uses many different methods to see what you are doing, by using Google’s several services and programs such as: Google Chrome, Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Picasa, and Google Toolbar. You really wouldn’t believe how many data data they collect about you every time you use one of their services. Maybe they know more about you, than you know about yourself. Abelssoft GoogleClean v2016 Full version does not affect the functionality of Google programs that you use, but only eliminate the possibility of them collecting data about you through cookies…etc. Abelssoft GoogleClean v2016 Full Build 129 + crack is the best solutions for those who value ultimate freedom and privacy!


Kill off Google spying:
Almost all Google applications that we use, sneakily collect all kind of  data about us and send them back to their main servers. Google knows every single thing we do on while we are surfing the web. It knows what websites we visit, and what kind of contents we search for. By using GoogleClean 2016 Full patch, you can prevent those data transfers from happening.

Supported Google-Applications:
GoogleClean can help you block the following Google applications from spying on you: YouTube, Google Search, Maps, Mail, Google Chrome, Google Analytics Tracking, Google Earth, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and Google Picasa.

No more Tracking-Cookies! :
Cookies are small data watchers, that are integrated into most browsers, they are used to learn about your internet surfing behaviors, they also store data on your computer. Many companies use them to track and identify the user, including: Google, Facebook, Ebay, Paypal, Microsoft, Yahoo…etc.

Remove all traces of Google:
Will allow you to locate then remove Flash cookies that are used by Google to trace data back to you.

Automatically Block Google tracing on your system:
The Google Radar will prevent Google apps from collecting data about you and sending them back to their servers. As soon as Windows starts up, so does Google Radar, which will keep your computer protected.


1. Unpack and install
2. That’s it! Enjoy this GoogleClean v2016 Full Build 129 + crack


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