Windows 7 AIO 9in1 OEM ESD (x86x64)

Windows 7 AIO 9in1 OEM ESD (x86x64)








Windows 7 AIO 9in1 OEM ESD (x86x64) Cracked is one of the most used operating systems by Microsoft used around the world! This version is pre-activated in 2016 and it is even more optimized than the previous Windows 7 releases, and offers better security features. It is fully bootable, all you need to do is burn it on a disk, then insert the DVD and reboot your system, and the installation will begin automatically. This is a Windows 7 Direct Download link. Many people still prefer this version of Windows to the newer ones, such as Windows 8 and 10, which feature the Metro interface. Moreover, Windows 7 still has the most compatibility of softwares than any other operating system in the market, so people will not encounter any issues with installing drivers or programs.

This download includes the following versions of Windows 7:

Windows 7 Starter x86
Windows 7 Home Basic x86
Windows 7 Home premium x86
Windows 7 Professional x86 Bootable Preactivated
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 pre-activated
Windows 7 Home Basic x64
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 bootable cracked
Windows 7 Professional x64 bootable cracked
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Bootable

* Including Microsoft updates til 12.01.2016 and Internet Explorer 11
* NO tweaks or add-ons.
* NO additional programs and software added.
* NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
* It’s the original image from Microsoft except added updates and IE11!

Note:- Dotnet 4.6.1 added with torrent so install it after windows installation
few Updates will be online
All Updates integrated offline



Integrated Updates

Added KB3108664-x86-x64, KB3121461-x86-x64 (Windows only 7), KB3121918-x86-x64, KB3124000-x86-x64
Added KB3109560-x86-x64 (replaces the KB2972280-x86-x64)
Added KB3110329-x86-x64 (replaces the KB2803821-v2-x86-x64, KB2887069-x86-x64, KB2977728-x86-x64)
Added KB3121212-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3101746-x86-x64)
Added KB3123479-x86-x64 (replaces the KB2862973-x86-x64)
Added KB3124001-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3069392-x86-x64)
Added KB3124275-IE8-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3104002-IE8-x86-x64)
Added KB3124275-IE9-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3104002-IE9-x86-x64)
Added KB3124275-IE10-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3104002-IE10-x86-x64)
Added KB3124275-IE11-x86-x64 (replaces the KB3104002-IE11-x86-x64)
Added KB3124625-x64 (replaces the KB3105578-x64, Server 2008, only R2)
The following update will not be installed in the presence of IE11: KB3124625-x64 (only Server 2008, R2)


Download Windows 7 AIO 9in1 OEM ESD (x86x64)

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