Moom 3.2.3 Full Mac Os X

Moom 3.2.3 Full Mac Os X










Moom 3.2.3 Full Mac Os X is an app designed for mac users to allow them to move and zoom windows to easily manage their daily tasks. This version is cracked already, so you don’t have to do any extra work. Moom 3.2.3 includes many features, such as resizing, moving windows to the right, left or wherever you want them to be, to help make your job dealing with open apps easy and quick. More maximum control, you can use either your mouse or keyboard to move things around.

Users can also use the green button for more functionality and choose from 5 presets option or use the grid which lets you draw the size of the window you need. Moom 3.2 allows you to use the keyboard mode to do all the work, without even touching your mouse. Users can also save window layouts to use them at a later time, without the need to create them from scratch.



System requirements:

– OS X 10.7 or Later


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