JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 Mac OS X

JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 Mac OS X






JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 Mac OS X with crack will let you experience the power of media management that your Mac computer is capable of! You can turn your system into a full entertainment hub, that you can use to control all of your media, right from your Mac! JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 Mac supports all video, image, audio formats, so you can say that it is the ultimate app for your digital media. It can also rip audio right from your Audio CD, and save it on your mac, which you can copy to your portable device later on (iPhone, Android phones, iPad, tablet, PSP). You can also burn your files directly on JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 Mac crack, using the built-in burning software, with the need for a standalone burning app. Users can also stream images, videos, and music to remote computers using Media Server.

JRiver Media Center 21.0.48 full version Mac is a very popular application, used in all five corners of the world! With that kind of power to handle all your media needs, the program is very simple to use, which is another plus! JRiver Media Center 21 can handle the following video formats: wmv, flv, avi, mp4, mkv, 3gp, mpeg. The following audio formats are also supported : mp3, wav, wma, flac, acc, ogg. The app can also play any media from Youtube, Hulu and Netflix.

JRiver Media Center Key Features: 

* Native support of DirectShow DSP filters
* WASAPI exclusive output using high-end USB DACs
* Added ability to play files from memory instead of disk
* Full support for high end USB DAC’s with WASAPI
* Headphone DSP makes listening more natural and comfortable.
* SoundcardSwitch command for the launcher, allows sound card selection
* 3D album view adjusts text size to display more tracks when necessary
* 3D album view allows playing, adding, shuffling, and adding as next to play
* Image Preview allows zoom from a thumbnail to rotate, delete, compare, edit, and more
* Image thumbnail frames (optional)
* Photoshop PSD file support
* Single command copy / send to an editor like Photoshop, and stack new image with original
* Video tagging using sidecar files
* Chapter Support for MKV and MP4
* Chapters added to On Screen Display
* Info Panel displays metadata
* Added new “watched” column to metadata
* EPG can automatically retrieve XMLTV data
* Automatic correlation of XML channel names and MC channel names
* Info Panel displays metadata, including TV program art
* TV program art from YADB
* Watch Hulu and YouTube from Theater View
* Customizable nested views in Theater View
* Customizable File Info panel to display metadata
* Speed and quality enhancements
* Custom backgrounds
* Touch screen support
* On screen clock

Homepage – http://www.jrmediacenter.com


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