CleanMyMac v3.1.2 Full version

CleanMyMac v3.1.2 Full version








CleanMyMac v3.1.2 Full version Mac OS X is the ultimate cleaning application for Mac users. CleanMyMac cracked download will enable you to scan your whole system for those useless files that are taking up much needed room on your hard drive. These junk files are what usually use your system memory and slow your computer down. CleanMyMac 3.1.2 comes with a very straight-forward user interface which user-friendly and easy to use. CleanMyMac 3.1.2 Mac crack will get rid of those temporary files that add time after time without you even noticing how much space they take up, when you could actually use that valuable space to install more programs that will add to your productivity and creativity. CleanMyMac will make sure to find those files and remove them, but those files are usually very hard to get to, because they are located in places that are problematic to reach. This software was first released for Windows users, but the developers realized how essential to have it, and also let Mac users have that same opportunity.

Key Features:

– Clean and beautiful-looking User Interface, which adds to the great experience.
– Scan and gets rid of all junk files that will usually make your computer run slow.
– Tired of shortcuts and other files that are linked to already uninstalled apps? Well, CleanMyMac will correctly Uninstall all programs for you.
– Will not delete system files that are essential to your system.
– It will also clean up your memory, which will result in more available RAM that might be needed by more useful apps to run efficiently.
– All of your traces on the internet will be disposed of, to maintain more privacy.
– Ability to scan for hardware issues, and attempt to fix them accordingly.

CleanMyMac v3.1.2 Full










Minimum Requirements

– OS: OS X 10.8 or higher
– CPU: Intel 64-bit processor
– Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space.

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