Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.0 Mac OSX

Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.0 Mac OSX









Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.0 Mac OSX Download is probably the best music application on the Mac platform. It will allow the user to professionally compose, edit, mix, record and master their music. Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.0 Mac OSX comes with a large collection of high quality instruments, soundpools and studio effects that form up a solid solution for people to create their studio-quality music right from the comfort of their home. Logic Pro X 10.2 for Mac features a modern User Interface that adds to the sophistication and power of this program. It also comes with other great features, such as Flex Pitch, which basically will allow you to fix those out-of-tone vocals if need be. Logic Pro X is a full music workstation that comes with many instruments, including: drums, keyboards, guitars, basses, synthesizers, saxophones, violins…and so on.

Key Features for Apple Logic Pro X 10:

– A complete studio-quality music application.
– Comes preloaded with thousands of instruments, studio effects, loops and even more to download.
– Modern Interface to compliment its power.
– Comes with Alchemy, which is a world-class sample-manpulation synthesizer.
– Ability to produce music from all genres, including: Hip hop, Rock, Funk, Electro dance, Reggae.
– Includes all the crucial studio effects you will need, like: Reverb, Delay, Compression, Modulation, beside some distortion effects.
– Multi-track recording for more creativity.
– Ability to use projects from earlier versions back to Logic 5.
– Export your music to SoundCloud in a single click.
– EXSS24 Sampler will allow you to create amazing sampled instruments.
– Retro Synth will give you the power to create those great 80’s music style synths.
– Drummer will help you create pro authentic acoustic, electronic, or hip hop drum tracks, a virtual session player and beat producer.

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