Serato DJ 1.8.1 Full Crack

Serato DJ 1.8.1 Full Crack








Serato DJ 1.8.1 Full Crack Multilingual is a complete DJing program, that will allow you to show the world how good of a DJ you really are. This free download comes with very advanced features designed to mimic real DJing, while being intuitive and easy to use. Serato DJ 1.8 is latest cracked version.

Bug Fixes List:

  • Record timer display stops working after 100 mins
  • Multi channel AIFF files causing crash when loaded
  • Tracks flagged as corrupt stop deck playback
  • MIDI initialization not working for some controls on OSA devices
  • Half/double BPM edit causing hang
  • Potential hang on library import
  • Dragging and dropping outside of SDJ not working correctly
  • Unable to scroll and organize crate lists correctly
  • Album art is not displayed on supported CDJs while using serial key
  • Hang on startup for some users
  • Recording meter showing max volume at all times
  • Instant doubling waveforms not displaying correctly on some controller screens
  • GUI popups not layering correctly causing visual artefacts
  • GUI stalls when re-scanning ID3 tags
  • Analyze files button does not light up when tracks are dragged over the top of it
  • Song time text position incorrect
  • Potential hang when using censor actions during Flip playback
  • Selecting track with unloaded album art can cause all CDJ album art to not display
  • Slicer status bar message for beatgrid displaying even when slicer not enabled
  • Dock Icon bouncing on OSX during startup of SDJ
  • Autoplay stops playback after it skips a missing file
  • Potential crash when editing beatgrids
  • CDJ HID mode cue point buttons jumping to incorrect cue markers for some users
  • Scope view alignment issues when using SDJ in French and Spanish languages


1. Disable internet connection, install the app running as Admin.
2. Open it after installed, you should see “Activation / Buy” on the right if you have made a clean installation.
3. Close it completely. Copy and replace cracked files in default location.
4. Block outgoing connections in firewall.
5- Done! Enjoy Serato DJ 1.8.1 full version with keygen


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  1. dj ahtraddis

    yes but the real problem of serato is the expansion pack, dvs expansion pack, fx kit, pitch in time

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    password 1234 dont work

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      the password is:

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    Hi, the password does not work…

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      the password is:

  4. Djhank Ezekiel

    it redirecting me
    and the setup didnot work

  5. Djhank Ezekiel

    pls i need help on how to install it

  6. dejay

    does this app still work? it doesn’t seem to be opening up on my laptop

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  8. Rolando

    moooooyyy buenoooo

  9. stephon

    how to install it on mac??

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