PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch + Keygen

PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch + Keygen









PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch + Keygen is built on the awesomely fast workflow, a never-seen-before sound quality, and great stability that makes PreSonus Studio One among the fastest growing Digital Audio Workstations of all time. PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch + Keygen features industry-leading arranging and songwriting tools, powerful and unparalleled sound-design abilities, and a new beautiful, multi-touch UI that is clean, easy to use and is optimized to keep you interested, even on extended sessions.


– Comes with a top-of-the-line sound engine.
– One of the best GUI’s of just about any DAW on the market today
– A huge amount of content (14GB for Presence XT) and approx. 10,000 additional loops and samples.
– Amazing plugins to help you with your music production.
– User interface is very customizable, and supports 4K displays and Apple Retina Display.
– Multi-touch functionality with native support for Raven.
– Supports an IPAD app that will offer more controllability.
– Reference manual is available many languages, such as: French, German and Japanese.
– Scratchpad and Arranger Track are great features that will help with your compositions.
– UI improvements for Audio Pool selection.
– Studio One 3 Pro includes free Melodeon Essentials
– Great drag and drop functionality.
– Tremendous sound quality


PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch +Keygen






PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch+Keygen







System Requirements:

– Operating System:  7, 8.1, Windows 10
– Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon X2 Processor or Later,
– Memory: 4GB RAM (8GB Recommended)

Install instructions:

1- Uninstall previous versions.
2- Install StudioOne with installer.
3- Run the keygen.
4- Patch “Studio One.exe” .

1- Run StudioOne.
2- Select offline authorization.
3- Run our keygen on Windows.
4- Copy MachineID to the keygen.
5- Generate licenses.
6- Authorize.
7- Done! Enjoy this full version. Please Support the developers by buying this software.

RAR Password:

Latest Comments
  1. rephraser

    How do you get the “machine id” you need for the keygen?


      The software will automatically give it to you, but I think they call it “product key” instead of “Machine ID”, you can copy and paste it into the keygen and it will generate a license, which you can use to activate Presonus Studio One 3.

      • Nicolau Jan-Marius

        Yes it works! But i can’t install the add on I must use the gen.key?


    the machine id looks like: KCXV-RXLG-5Y25-5TVQ

  3. Neil

    keeps wanting me to sign into my account? plus cannot find a machine ID at all, the software does not show it.


    You do not have to sign into your account for the program to work. The software should show your Machine ID, it is called something else though, it looks something like: KCXV-RXLG-5Y25-5TVQ

  5. Neil

    Thanks for reply, but the software is not showing anything at all on Win10. It is blank in both ‘computer name and Machine ID, not sure how to locate it, my antivirus is also off so nothing is stopping keygen running.

  6. Chuck Savage

    I cant find the keygen on my download? where do i search


      it is located in the Keygen folder. Make sure your antivirus software didn’t delete it, because most antivirus programs would mistake a keygen or crack for a malware, this is called a false positive.

  7. Dita Agus Wahyudi

    work for mac?

  8. Dita Agus Wahyudi

    work for mac??

  9. lenny

    cant find the machine id… software is not showing anything… can you please let give me directions to find the id..

    • Mac

      when you click offline authorization there should be a serial number looking thing with a copy button next to it… that’s the Machine ID

  10. Himguyhim

    I can’t find Studio One.exe for the patch. Where do I find that?

    • Silviu Hutanu

      I have the same problem, but i can t find any answer about this 🙁

  11. Jack

    How do you unistall a previous version…?

  12. 4 ENT

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate the additional content such as instruments etc. I can activate the product just fine but the additional content just says “invalid license” even though I am using the same license files that were generated along with the main license.

    • Naruto925

      having same problem

    • Nicolau Jan-Marius

      Me too…

  13. Nara Ferreira

    the software says that the license file is invalid, i’m not understanding.

  14. Bill McDonald

    How do you patch Studio One.exe

  15. Brandon Ebbs

    I have downloaded this PreSonus Studio One 3.0.2 Patch but it’s not working for me. However, I got the latest full cracked version for Windows & Mac OSX from another source and it worked. Here is the link for those who want to download it. PreSonus Studio One (Latest Version-Full Crack) – Windows & Mac OSX PS It’s not mine and I am just sharing it here…

    • William Marotta

      Thank you @brandonebbs:disqus . It worked for me.

    • Laura Silva

      Thank you for sharing it here @brandonebbs:disqus.

    • Pat Charletta

      Is it mac compatible?

      • Chris Ferreira

        yes, it is.

    • James Ellis

      doesn’t work

  16. Prosperity

    Please I would love to have Presonus Studio One

  17. sau

    I have succeeded to install the studio one 3 with Patch + Keygen. But I cannot download the additional contents. Is there anyway to do that?

    • daddyz

      Did you find it?

  18. daddyz

    How do I get the Complete Core Presence XT that comes with the original DAW?

  19. groov123

    How to download the content after patch and keygen? It doesn’t allow to download it.
    Can someone post the content?

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