PC Cleaner Pro 2016 + License Key

PC Cleaner Pro 2016 + License Key








PC Cleaner Pro 2016 + License Key is an all-in-1 solution for your computer that will make your computer faster and safer! PC Cleaner full version combines several tools for different purposes. For one, this program will clean your computer for any unused files, folders and softwares that you don’t really need on your computer. All of these files, which are often referred to as Junk files, are well, junks! Some of these files are very hard to find, as they reside in folders that are hidden within other folders. Once you delete these useless contents, you will notice a huge gain in your hard drive space! Which you can use to install other programs that you will actually use and benefit you. PC Cleaner Pro 2016 14 crack will also remove those old entries and fix your registries and shortcuts.

PC Cleaner Pro 2016 full incl License Key will tweak your system settings, that will allow your computer benefit from a huge performance boost, that includes faster downloads and uploads, more pleasant experience when watching videos on Youtube or surfing the internet. This will allow you to run other programs way faster, play games without stuttering or loss of frame rates. One other advantage for having PC Cleaner Pro 2016 is the ability to clean up your data history, such as browser history, including cookies, which can be used by identity thieves to steal your identity.

It doesn’t end here, because PC Cleaner Pro 2016 serial does also have a built-in antivirus, which will basically protect you while you are online against multiple threats, such as: virus, worms, trojan, spywares, adwares that could be potentially installed on your computer. It will easily identify and eliminate those malwares, which usually cause your system to behave abnormally. These abnormal behaviors include, system crashes, sudden reboot and shutdown. Malwares will usually make your system take a huge performance hit, that will slow it down.


1. Disconnect from internet
2. Unpack and install
3. Use a given key to register
4. Block all out going connections with firewall or add the following entry into hosts file:
5. pc-cleaners.com
6. Done. Enjoy PC Cleaner Pro 2016 free download


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