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Autodesk Maya 2015 Full Version + Crack download is a mighty 3D software when it comes to modeling, rendering, animation, and simulation. Autodesk Maya 2015 Full Version + Crack provides world-class character and effects tool along with increased productivity for shader, texturing, and modeling tasks. Autodesk Maya 2015 Full Version + Crack is production platform that provides the user with essential features for 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering, it is what top game makers and Hollywood greatest producers use to build and create their franchises.


Autodesk Maya 2015 Full Features:

– mental ray version 3.12
– Viewport 2.0 features
– Autodesk Maya 2015 Full + Patch comes with ShaderFX editor
– Exposure and Gamma controls in Render View
– Simplified workflow for rendering Ptex in mental ray
– Progressive rendering with mental ray for Maya
– Improved shaderball swatches for mental ray materials
– Ability to load multi-tiled UV textures through a single texture node
– Improved mental ray image based lighting
– Ambient occlusion pass on the GPU
– OpenEXR 2.0 support
– Rendering a subset of hardware shaders with mental ray
– Baking ambient occlusion in mental ray
– New resizable Ramp editor for Ramp texture node
– Displaying frustum for non-stereo cameras
– Ability to measuring Camera Aperture
– Multi-Cut Tool enhancements
– New algorithm on Booleans
– Unfold workflow improvements
– Greater Modeling Toolkit integration
– Pixar’s OpenSubdiv support
– Bevel improvements
– Mesh menu reorganization
– New Convert to perimeter
– New Shrinkwrap deformer
– Cyclical Constraints in HumanIK
– Edge and face selection support
– Geodesic Voxel binding
– Adaptive Aero solver in Bifrost
– Delta Mush deformer
– Additional look development shading nodes
– Guided simulation in Bifrost
– Ability to increase the character rig playback and manipulation speed.


System Requirements:

– Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1 Professional/Windows 10
– Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
– Graphics card: 1 GB RAM
– Memory: 4 GB of RAM and more
– Hard Disk : 4 GB of free disk space.


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